The Black Bird Detective Mystery Series

The Black Bird Detective Mystery Series
A Psychological Thriller Book Series

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sneak Peak of My New Young Adult Series - Teacher's Pet


She looked around the crowded lounge. There were more people in that place than she had ever seen. The bass and tempo of the music created a certain vibe in the club. She could hear her watch beeping through the music.

She was too afraid to look at her wrist to check the time. She continued dancing as if everything was fine. She didn’t have time to worry about what awaited her at home.

He whispered softly in her ear. Standing over six feet tall with broad shoulders and a chiseled body, she was in love. When she first met him she couldn’t help but lick her lips in anticipation. Sure he was over ten years older than her, but did that really matter?

Subconsciously she knew that it did. The fact that their relationship was forbidden only added to the excitement of things. When he leaned closer to her, she tried to kiss him. He pulled away. She knew exactly why he couldn’t kiss her. It was beyond dangerous.

She allowed her hand to linger on his large bicep as she talked to her friends. They were motioning for her to go along with them. She ignored them. She was having too much fun. This is what she dreamed about.

“It’s time to go” her friend Savannah yelled. “I’ll take you home” he said eagerly. She thought about it and then shrugged. “No, I’d better go” she said as she walked away from him. It was time to go. "Don't forget your math assignment is due tomorrow" he said with a sly grin. "I'm sure I'll get extra credit" she said winking at him.
She didn't notice the way he was looking at her.

She walked towards the club exit with her friends running eagerly in tow. As they approached the corner of the street, she heard a squeal. She turned and faced her friends. She didn’t see anyone. “Savanna! Jaden!” she called out. Her words dissipated in the night air. Savanna had disappeared. She couldn’t imagine where she would have run off too.

She stood still for a moment, thinking. Should she go back and look for her friends or should she run? Suddenly, the cool night air grew quiet. She could hear footsteps. She turned to run, but couldn’t move. Something or someone had her. She screamed out for help. “Someone Help!” she called out into the empty dark night.

The last thing she heard was his voice in her ear. “Don’t worry my sweet, we will be together forever”.  

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